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Our Story

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Our Story

My story started in 2015 by following up on everything related to Oriental sweets,  especially Knafa, which awakened in me a sweet ambition to one day be the founder of a sweets shop. with a lot of hard work and continuous research, I started to start in the world of sweets – from Turkey

where I listened to experts in the confectionery industry, to Jordan, where I started practical experiments in this industry, to the jewel of Palestine and the home of Knafa, the city of Nablus, where I tasted the most delicious recipes – and from here I made the decision to turn this passion into a realistic work, based on the original methods of the craft and on the experiences I gained during my travels in the cities of the east. And the story of this place began in 2022, and we will continue to strive to provide the finest types of sweets using the mother integrations from the city of Nablus.


Our Name

From its original homeland – Palestine – we borrowed the correct name for the Knafa; eliknafa by pronouncing it after adding the following letters (eli) before the letter (K), and our philosophy is to correct the methods and additions overwhelmed the manufacture of Knafa and sweets in general. And on a journey that is not marred by the usual additions, we will show you the finest types of authentic oriental sweets as we used to know them in their golden ages. 

Our Vision

Our main mission is to provide all ways to enjoy knafa made with hands that are keen on producing the finest and most authentic products, without any of the additions that prevailed in our time. We prefer that our customers eat the knafa while it is hot, as it is said in Nablus, “its spice is in fire”, and we seek to be their first destination when the word Knafa resonates in their minds. 

Our Delicious  Products

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