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Arabian Cheesy Knafa

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Product Description: A type of knafa that originated in Gaza, Palestine – It’s made up of Nabulsian soft dough roasted with cinnamon and walnut; mixed with Palestinian ghee and nabulsian cheese; sweetened with hot syrup and Aleppo pistachio. It’s characterized by its mushiness, the crunch of walnut, the smell of ghee, and the taste of cinnamon.

Quantity Price
1/2 ounce 14 SAR
1/4 kilogram 27 SAR
1/2 kilogram 52 SAR
kilo 98 SAR
Kilo ( Recommendations ) 103 SAR
Customers can demand more Aleppo pistachio, above and below the knafa for 5 SAR per 50g.
Sizes up to 6 kgs are available.

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