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Knafa Cup

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Cheesy or Creamy Knafa Cup

Product Description: A special dessert made of rough dough mixed with Palestinian ghee and filled with either cheese or cream. presented in the shape of a cup. it’s sweetened with hot syrup and Aleppo pistachio. lovely in form and easy to deliver to your guests in a feast. 

Quantity Cheesy Cup Creamy Cup
Small sized 5 pieces 26 SAR 23 SAR
Medium sized 10 pieces 50 SAR 45 SAR
Large sized 20 pieces 95 SAR 85 SAR
Customers can replace our special cream with table cream by adding 28 SAR per kilogram(Pre-order).
Customers can demand more Aleppo pistachio, above and below the knafa for 5 SAR per 50g.
This product can be made in large quantities for celebrations and feasts either with our trays (with added insurance) or with the customer trays.
Prices differ when very large quantities (more than 100 pieces ) are requested.

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