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Gazan Knafa

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Product Description: Named after Gaza in Palestine, this type of knafa is made up of Nabulsian dough roasted with cinnamon, walnut, and ghee, sweetened by hot syrup. what makes this knafa special is the smell and taste of cinnamon, the crunch of walnut, and being milk and cream-free, therefor it’s suitable for customers not preferring dairy products.

Quantity Price
1/2 ounce 13 SAR
1/4 kilogram 25 SAR
1/2 kilogram 50 SAR
kilo 100 SAR
Customer can order the Gazan Knafa without adding cinnamon.
Customers can demand more Aleppo pistachio, above and below the knafa for 5 SAR per 50g.
Sizes up to 6 kgs are available.

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